Subscriptionist offers a comprehensive set of features to help you manage all your vendor subscriptions in one place.

Here are some of the key features:

Dashboard Overview

A customizable dashboard that gives a snapshot of:

  • Historical spend by vendor group/amount/location/ industry/etc,
  • Upcoming renewals by date and amount,
  • Competitor vendor benchmarking,
    Cost-saving initiatives by vendors, and much more.

Renewal Reminders

Receive automated renewal reminders and alerts via email or SMS, so you never miss a renewal date again.

Subscription Tracking

Track all your vendor subscriptions in real-time. Get a clear overview of what you’re subscribed to, when it’s due for renewal, and how much it costs.

Payment Management

Easily manage your subscription payments and invoices.

  • Track your payment history,
  • View outstanding payments, and
  • Pay vendors directly from the platform.

Analytics and Reports

Access detailed analytics and reports to optimize your spending.

  • Track your payment history,
  • View outstanding payments, and
  • Pay vendors directly from the platform.


Collaborate with your team members and share access to the subscription management dashboard. You can assign roles and permissions to each team member to ensure that everyone has the right level of access.


Integrate Subscriptionist with your favorite tools and platforms. We offer integrations with popular accounting software, payment gateways, and more.

Contract Management

Store vendor contracts on the platform for ease of access. Rely on our team for contract reviews (we cost less than lawyers 😊)

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